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Friday, January 9, 2009

I dub this "The Game, Game"

For all my gamer life, I've wondered what would it take to make the ideal MMO game Massive Multiplayer Online)! Hoping to get some feed back, I'm posting this article hoping I can get some creative players and some great feed back. The game is simple, post your ideal of a great MMO. The first step in game making, creative thinking. With your help who knows what may come of this! So play The Game, Game with me...

The rules are simple,
You need 5 basics. 1. Theme 2. Plot/story 3. game play 4. Format; first-person, rpg, strategic, etc. 5. Player interaction
Along with your ideal of a fun day in the game. Length of these games is just a matter of preference. (Longer, more detailed the better)

1. Mid-evil 2. City of Trist needs your help! 3. With a variety of different weapons, armor, and skills; you run around killing various monsters that threaten the city. Improving yours skills, while looting better eq to aid you in your quest. 4. 3rd person rpg 5. Players work together to rid the city of it s problem.

Fun day: With a huge game world, exploring today I came across a man in town. He needed crystals to woo his wife. Told me crystals can be found in the sewers of trist. If I brought him 6 crystals, he would reward me with a 23/23 crystal sword. Upon entering the sewers I quickly realized I was no match for the strong sewer skeletons. My short sword of only 7/14 could only damage them for moderate amounts of damage at a time. The skeleton pummels me for most my life... So with a hasty retreat I leave the sewers for the safety of town. Once in town I run into another player who is only 2 lvls higher then me. The player and I make our way back to the sewers. With his help it takes us a while but we manage to kill the sewer skeleton. Moving on deeper into the sewers we soon realize that the skeletons are the least of our worries.... with harder monsters lurking around in the sewers we soon meet our match. We both die in the freakish battle that follows. With our death we respawn near town, and come to terms that we need to lvl before returning to the sewers. I may not have completed my quest, but I made a friend who will help aid me on other quest and explore the mysterious city of trist.

Okay so I kinda cheated there on the example. Thats why it don't sound the greatest! What a fun game.. ha Minions of Mirth for you. But hey its free and it fits the bill of a MMO.

I figure every game MUST have a plot. The plot doesn't have to be complex, or even entertaining for that matter. As long as you make up for it with GREAT game play. All games must have a theme; mid evil, futuristic, modern, etc. Important to any MMO is how the players interact. Do they work together PvGame, or are other players who you are competing against PvPlayers? These are just a few of the things one would have to think about before going about creating an online multiplayer game.

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  1. 1.Modern 2.good vs evil; ever character has a unique mission set. Either to protect or corrupt the large city of Portland 3.The good (cops,detectives,vigilantes)patrol and try to protect the city. Where as the evil (gangs, druglords, criminally insane) try to stay alive in the heart of Portland 4.1st person rpg 5. In this game similar to GTA san andreas characters are free to roam. With a given mission upon starting. Every charcter is unique in this way. Some charcters will be police assigned to stoping crime. Where as others will be there to survive the criminal underground. In a modern day cops and robers rpg.

    Fun day:
    Welcome to Portland Ryan Ohagly,
    You are 23, not originally from Portland. You find your self all alone in Portland. With no money you find it hard to survive. You come to Portland looking for your brother Edward Ohagly. He has been living here for a few years . You spoke to him recently, said he had a place for you to stay and a job. He left you his address, finding him is your top priority. You start your journey at Portlands bus stop on the east end of town.

    Well... Where to begin. New in town and dont have a dollar to my name. I need a map. Look a gas station, they would have one. Yes... a map. Clerk isnt looking so I pocket it.. O NO He's on to me. He nearly caught me at the door. A skuffle insuide Clerk yells "I'm calling the cops!" You escape down a dark alley. You read the map, brother lives 5 city blocks away. Half way there when you pass a store with T.V. in the window... your picture is all over it! Wanted in connection to arm robery and murder of a gas station clerk. You stand there for a sec, NO this couldnt be! You've been framed. What do you do A. Keep going the remaining 3 blocks to your brothers B. Correct all this with the cops C. Lay low for a whille. And its this decision that makes the rest of your game play fall into place. I chose B, once at the police station they quickly drew guns and place me under arrest. I talk to the detective when I notice something in his eye.. he's lieing! With that I mcgiver my way out with a paper clip grab his gun and take him hostage. We walk out the front door with the entire police department following. We get a car, we run, making it to the front of my brothers place. There is a cop already there standing with my brother. I pause in puzzlement, when right there Im shot and killed. duh duh duh.....

    Welcome to Portland Edward Ohagley,
    You are 28 and have just witness your brothers murder. Your quest to figure out why!